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Mr. Iwan died of a heart attack last week, leaving behind a rather large amount of money. He was a rich man who preferred to remain single throughout his life. He has no direct heirs and made no will before he died. The following people all claim that they should get a share of Mr. Iwan’s money.

Your task is decide which of the following people deserve to get what proportion of the money. Be sure that you have a very good reason as to why she/he should inherit the money.

  • Mrs. John is Mr. Iwan’s widowed cousin, his only remaining relative. She is 69 years old and lives alone in a small village in fairly comfortable circumstance. The money would enable her to hire a nurse, pay the remedial bills for her frequent illness, buy a car and travel. She is not very popular with her neighbors. Years ago she quarreled with Mr. Iwan and didn’t speak to him again.
  • Ms. Farida nursed Mr. Iwan for the last ten years of his life. She is 45 years old, loves her work and is a very able nurse. She was well-paid by Mr. Iwan and her savings will mean that she can take a long holiday before taking up her next position. She is a very kind and considerate person and she helped Mr. Iwan enjoy the last years of his life.
  • Ms. Mery is a good-looking woman in her late twenties. She claims to have been Mr. Iwan’s girlfriend that he was the father of her small child. She has a letter that appears to have been written by Mr. Iwan but refuses to ( or cannot) give any other details of her life with Mr. Iwan.
  • Zul is the son of Mr. Iwan’s old driver. Mr. Iwan liked him and paid for his education. He would like to continue his education overseas but has no money. He is planning to get a temporary job and save. He is an attractive and popular young man. He likes fast cars and has lots of girlfriend. Some say he is not very honest.

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